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And I promise to respond to everyone's messages and critique some other poems soon, but I wanted to make sure I had this in before the deadline! Image size.

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Already a deviant? Sign In. Did the poet intervene on the text? Meaning, is this something new, or is it merely a summarized version of the original text? This piece simply re-purposes the meaning of the original texts. Does the work fit in the category that it's been placed? I can dig the spirituality take on it.

Can you hear the poet's voice in the new narrative? I hear hope, and courage, and self-possession; strength.


Rob Brezsny’s Astrology July 17-23

Does the poem work on it's own? Grammatically and syntactically, is it solid, just like a non-found poem should be? Yes, I think it was well done. Is there a narrative here, or is it just a list? Does the poem SAY anything? I hear a tale of bravery, a pilgrimage born of pain, the mountain climber appreciating the burn in his muscles. Thank you first of all for all of your detailed comments, and I apologize for my delay in answering them. It's interesting how the optimism in the poem stood out to you, because I was feeling pretty sarcastic when I assembled the poem.

But now that I think about, horoscopes in general are optimistic and positive even when they predict bad things. So that definitely could have come through in the new work! Your "imperfections" will be more interesting and forgivable than usual, and might even work to your advantage, as well. I suspect you'll also have an adorable inclination to accomplish the half-right thing when it's impossible to do the perfectly right thing.

Finally, all the astrological omens suggest that you will have a tricky power to capitalize on lucky lapses. And I would even hesitate to offer them to you at any other time besides right now. But I feel that you currently have the strength of character and fertile willpower necessary to make righteous use of such stringently medicinal magic. Daniel C. Fitzgerald has written six books documenting these places.

He's an expert on researching what remains of the past and drawing conclusions based on the old evidence. In accordance with current astrological omens, I suggest you consider doing comparable research into your own lost and half-forgotten history. You can generate vigorous psychic energy by communing with origins and memories.

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Remembering who you used to be will clarify your future. But it is a sprightly evolution. Accelerating developments may test your ability to adjust gracefully. Quickly-shifting story lines will ask you to be resilient and flexible. But the unruly flow won't throw you into a stressful tizzy as long as you treat it as an interesting challenge instead of an inconvenient imposition. My advice is not to stiffen your mood or narrow your range of expression, but rather to be like an actor in an improvisation class.

You can generate good luck and unexpected help by romancing the contradictions. For example: 1. You'll enhance your freedom by risking deeper commitment. You'll gain greater control over wild influences by loosening your grip and providing more spaciousness. If you are willing to appear naive, empty, or foolish, you'll set the stage for getting smarter.

The only appropriate state of the mind is surprise

A blessing you didn't realize you needed will come your way after you relinquish a burdensome "asset. Greater power will flow your way if you expand your capacity for receptivity. Homework: What good old thing could you give up in order to attract a great new thing into your life?

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