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It happens in every upheaval. What qualities are in those who fight their way through triumphantly that are lacking in those who go under…? It is interesting that Mitchell based her blockbuster on the losers of the Civil War, the Southern Confederates rather than the popular winners, the Northern Yankees. But then, as we shall see, Margaret Mitchell was no ordinary woman. Even more interesting is the divided opinion that the book and subsequent movie provokes: is Gone With the Wind one of the greatest love stories of all time or is it the most racist book—with its southern sympathies and portrayal of simple, happy slaves—ever published?

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But one first becomes suspicious of her inspiration in the opening pages when one of the Tarleton twins blurts out the gossip, in what could only be true Gemini style, of the engagement of Melanie Hamilton to Ashley Wilkes. Of course, the twins could not possibly know that this news would devastate Scarlett and would affect the central characters almost as much as the war itself Mitchell had Pluto in Gemini.

Rounding out the zodiac is Mammy, big, powerful, controlling and yes, black, representing the sign of Scorpio. Poor Sue Ellen, who waited patiently to be married to Mr Kennedy is the Libran who lost her man to her own sister, the scheming Scarlett. There were a few reckless, horse-loving folk but the most prominent was the progeny of Rhett and Scarlett, Bonnie Blue, who was thrown from a horse and died whilst attempting the stunt of jumping a fence on her steed.

A true Sagittarian to the end, little Bonnie Blue, with her parents, completed the element of fire. However, Aunt Pitty Pat whose watery eyes, little feet and fondness for drink—for medicinal purposes, of course—could only belong to an archetypal Pisces.

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Mitchell was born at am on 8 November in a segregated Atlanta. That she grew up surrounded by war veterans all willing to tell their tales is demonstrated by this conjunction occurring in the third house of the war chart, in the sign of Gemini. She had grown up with the glorious stories of the Old South and was stunned when she eventually learned the south had lost the war. Chiron conjunct the IC shows how she may have used the energy of the wounded healer to write about her defeated Atlanta.

She was always obsessed with expressing herself. This conjunction created a veritable hot spot in her chart and its activation by transiting and progressed planets featured in many events in her life. In her late teens, Mitchell became engaged to a man who was almost certainly homosexual and would have married him had he not been killed in the First World War. This would be the man on whom Mitchell loosely based the character of Ashley Wilkes.

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In as both Saturn and the progressed ASC passed over her natal Venus, Mitchell became involved in a love triangle not unlike the one she would eventually write so memorably about. She eventually married the wrong man, divorced him, and went on to marry the other man all within the space of a few years. And at a time when divorce was not only discouraged but positively frowned upon.

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Her progressed Sun passed over her Mercury opposite the moon natally and her progressed Moon had been visited by a transiting Uranus in the seventh house. During her first marriage, Mitchell began working as a reporter at the Atlanta Journal Magazine, becoming one of the first women to cover hard news for that magazine.

But shortly after her second marriage, she had to leave this job because of arthritis in her ankles and feet. Forced to spend most of her time in bed, she used this time to read, leading her husband to joke by saying she would have to write the kind of book she would like to read. And so, in and through to , as her progressed sun made its connections to her natal Jupiter and Uranus, Mitchell worked on Gone With the Wind. In , the progressed lunar phase was Gibbous, indicating any hard work she invested into her novel would soon bear fruit.

By , when the bulk of her novel was completed, the progressed lunar phase was full and this progressed moon was approaching her natal Pluto and MC. Mitchell was truly seeing the fruits of her labour and her progressed sun on lucky Jupiter would have stoked the fire of her writing aspirations. To top it all off, it was her Saturn return. The novel bubbled and brewed. In , Harold Latham of Macmillan Publishing was in search of new writers. A friend asked Mitchell to show Latham around Atlanta and during his visit she mentioned her novel—but she refused to let him see it.

The manuscript spellbound Latham and on 1 August , Mitchell signed the contract with MacMillen publishers as a transiting Jupiter passed her natal sun. As transiting Jupiter again activated her natal Mercury, Mitchell was putting the finishing touches on her novel. She completed the final revision on 22 January , just in time for her Jupiter return.

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The book was published on 15 May and two days later—before the book was made available for sale to the general public—Hollywood producer David O. The book hit the shops on 30 June and by October that year had sold one million copies. The book had so changed her life that not only was Mitchell besieged by letters but she was unable to use public changing rooms because people kept opening the curtains to see what the now famous author looked like.

In , Mitchell won the Pulitzer Prize for her best selling book, just as the P. Today they are found online as websites or webinars.

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Back in 17th century Britain, these kinds of prediction-based astrology forecasts existed in almanacs. This is real life, real time astrology you can apply to your own Sun Sign chart and those of the people you know - and celebrities - to see why this cycle is among the most famous in media horoscope columns. This audio podcast, looks at Sun Sign astrology as a whole. Maggie Hyde is the 1 Amazon list bestselling author of a number of books on Carl Jung. Her wide experience as both a Sun Sign writer for Cosmopolitan magazine and in academia makes her uniquely qualified to take a long overview of Sun Sign astrology.

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Penny Thornton, like Maggie Hyde, has wide experience as both a Sun Sign media astrologer and personal, consulting astrologer too. Her most famous client was Diana, Princess of Wales. Penny is the author of several critically acclaimed books, looking at the deeper meaning of the birth chart, including reincarnation. Log In Menu. Learn Media Astrology. Read More. Stephanie Johnson.

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