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If Uranus in direct motion is the most rebellious planet through its effects upon us, it is obvious that Uranus retrograde will not be any less. With Uranus in your sign last year, your identity and entire life has changed, and is quickly changing, and also your career, plans, and love life. Your vision about the future is radically different than before, and you can experience changes that seem terrifying only because they are unknown, but that will bring forth moments full of enthusiasm. You have faith that everything is in your advantage and that you will find your profound calling now, so be open to all the possibilities.

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The workload is greater, but you approach it full of enthusiasm. You feel encouraged by the occurrence of opportunities, stimulating tasks, and by the fact that you have more autonomy. Jupiter is now in a good relationship with Saturn. Therefore, the professional situation of Taurus consolidates, the material situation stabilizes, and the financial initiative is more profitable.

October and November will bring for the Taurus a visible recovery in terms of collaborations and contracts, new alliances, and victory in contests and in fighting the competition. In , your finances could improve greatly. You may find yourself more stable and secure in the areas of money. A dramatic increase is not likely but applying discipline in the areas of work with a more organized and developed plan, while building a daily regime in other areas will lend the discipline that results in financial security, stability, and structure.

Taurus Woman: Personality Traits, Love & More

Removing long-term debt with this discipline will be possible this year as well as restructuring money issues is possible. What you started in toward savings and security will continue and become even easier. You will benefit from changing your daily routine, but you will want to fight it. You will find you have lots of energy and drive and enjoy a greater level of success than in previous years. Spring brings change. Welcome it as the past has not exactly been constructive. Something like a hobby or part-time job could emerge as a significant source of income if you combine your passion, interest, skills, and time toward giving it a more prominent place in your life.

You might find that changing jobs to something more exciting will be a desire during the summer months. It could happen suddenly and you simply want to guard against impulsive decisions. Taurus males are very alluring if you are pacient he can be a super male. If he feel betrayed just a little bit his rage will struck you, but is not his fault? Is it. When something is bad they will stand there holding until you go back to were you belong, males can cook, clean and be your slave if he thinks you deserve that.

And it's a very hardworking sign, the materialistic part is actually not about money is about when something belongs to them is just for them, they can value even worthless things, for them even a bottle can be priceless. The sime the better, more in to saving than other thing, they don't have gluttony they just like taste and good quality food. If they like something they could eat the same thing over and over just for the flavor. Homemade foods are Taurus favorite, a sad Taurus is very sensitive, we take everything to heart. Sexual desires are more his weak spot than gluttony, Taurus find hard to share his feelings so is very locked on themselves but if they fall for you that means you are ours.

Not all Taurus are alcoholism the ones that do are dragging a major inner pain. My view is that trying to change people is never a good idea because people of all signs change their bad habits only if they want to. My God, lady, you are seriously hilarious.

So I'm curious, why didn't you mention Hitler. He was a Taurus; of course he was a self-loathing repressed homosexual and narcissistic meth-head Taurus. Sounds like you had a psychotic Taurus in your life who shat upon it generously Oops, showing my horns again Yes, I am a Taurus, how'd you guess. So unfair and utterly ridiculous. I can take plenty of criticism. And there are plenty of legitimate ones, such as laziness and a tendency to take for granted. But, good grief, you told one of your readers that had a question for you above Aries woman in love with Taurus male that the Taurus's drinking problem and taking his partner for granted cannot be reversed by ANY of the person's best efforts.

I'm sorry How 'bout trial separation to see how he likes it? How about actual therapy for God's sake. Lady, I think you are a paranoid and crazy as hell. What is YOUR sign. Crystal, this article was solely about Taureans' negative traits. They have positive traits, just like every other sign. Taureans' positive traits include sexy, classy, determined, and musical. It's not like this is just a bunch of bs generalizing millions of people on the day they were born, too which they have no power. I personally thought this article was actually funny and in some ways spot on.

For being an earth sign I think we can be a little sensitive, or maybe that's just a few of us depending the on our Venus and Mars signs which mine are in Cancer. Sensitive enough should I say? Yes, but in different ways. My Gemini moon sure balances me out not to be, which causes a headache. As you can tell most of the taureans here took this article by heart haha.

They also have to realized that we all are born with a unique birth chart..

15 Taurus Professions | LoveToKnow

They don't understand that our sun sign is what represents us in the outer than the inside of us. I can be a total Taurus from the outside but from the inside i have feelings of A Gemini. Maybe because of my moon in Gemini I found this article quite interesting and took it as a positive instead of a negative.

I'm mostly to be honest because of my mercury in Aries, in that note I can take a joke because I can to be brutally honest myself. Taurus is like a toddler Sounds like a Leo? Not fully like one though. I have a Taurus boss and it amazes me how people are afraid of her but have respect for her at the same time We are all about looks, at least I am I like to feel and look good. There is no problem there.

Anywho we are After all we are toddlers of the zodiac signs, what can we say. Khomeini was born in September according to every encyclopedia out there. Please correct this article! Absolutely brilliant!! Of all the star sign traits, this by far is the most accurate.. Scarily in fact!!

Taurus Woman: Overview & Personality Traits

Thank you.. Dated a Taurus guy and he was a negative Taurus.. Everytime he walked in the door he moaned about his neck, wrists, teeth falling out, bad back.. He was like an old man in a young mans body!!

He had no life time goals lol honestly 33 years old, lived at home with his mum, no car, no phone, no bills and hardly ever went to work, constantly called in sick and went on a 3 day bender with no contact!! Absolute joke of a man boy positive side Obsessed with reggae to the point of creepiness.

Boring, can't take a joke and point blank dumb as fook! Couldn't change the channel on a tv!! But anyway I hope a nice positive Taurus is nothing like him, otherwise I'm never dating one again lol. Sylvia Sky. And what is the way to her heart?.

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  7. I am cancer male. So much spot on A GOD giving insight. Also their another notorios negative trait is not to bear criticism untill it'd be cleverly done and lacking a tendency to amend their attitudes. And,they have their own definations and rules usualy contrary to those society hold in general. They are sweet as long as you don't show them the mirror. If this man takes you for granted and has developed a drinking problem, neither condition can be reversed by any of your best efforts.

    I suggest leaving him, telling him briefly and lovingly why you must leave and how you deserve better, ignoring any pleas and outbursts, and communicating no more. I know it hurts badly to leave a relationship you have invested so much in, but if your life together is painful to you and he doesn't care and is unappreciative and contributing nothing to the furthering of the relationship, it is selling yourself short to settle for that.

    There is someone else out there who can balance you. Taurus might be glad to be left alone so he can continue his self-destructive ways. I am currently with a tarus man and I am an Aries.

    Taurus Career

    This is so on point. We were best friends for 11 years before we became intimate and a couple. Once I committed hes been taking me for granted and on top of that he had a drinking problem. I feel helpless because we're so opposite,but if he was a positive Taurus we would balance each other. What I lack he has and vice versa. What would you suggest Sylvia? I love your articles, maybe its that wicked aquarius sense of humor that doesn't always translate to everyone.

    I am an aquarius with an aries moon like Christian bale in american psycho, yay and a Taurus Mars and can find some of my worst traits in all of their dark descriptions. Keep it up!

    What January's Taurus Horoscope Means for You

    Looking forward to a dark version of Leo and Capricorn. I'm an Aquarius and yes, I wrote an Aquarius dark side article. I'm a Scorpio rising and Scorpio moon and yes, there's a Scorpio dark side article. May I ask what sign you are Sylvia? While some of this is true it definitely is a humorous exaggeration on one invididuals perspective.

    I can be stubborn and lazy yes. I am a very spiritual and intuitive person however. I try to love everyone and everything and am not necessarily a pessimist. More so a realist. I may be very calm and laid back but I don't think that's a synonym for boring. Also I always see Tautus being related with overeating. However I know kany Tauruses to be fit and or thin. I think the gluttony aspect of this sign more so is a metaphor for consumption of not just food. But anything that satisfies.

    Anyway all in all nice job.

    "Selfish? Lazy? A Glutton? Moi?"

    Still am curious what your sign is and if you'll write a similar article about the dark sides of it. Hahaha dude anybody that gets on here cryin about this sign that sign boo freakin hoo dude. If u got ur tinder feelings hurt by a Taurus don't bash all taurus's cause u can't handle being an adult, deal w it.

    I "chose not to mention Adolf Hitler" because I "am his kind of people or a hater of Muslims or" I "am an Islam basher"? I think you need therapy and a semester-long course in logic and reasoning. You Mentioned Louis Farrakhan, who is a light and a tourch for all of humanity but you failed to mention Adolf Hitler. Compare their lifes work and you will see that they are opposite. Maybe you chose not to mention Adolf Hitler because you are his kind of people or a hater of Muslims or you are an Islam basher.

    I was born on May 8. I do have to fight the urge to fall into a slump at times But, I try to be positive and open to change for the most part. Well, I guess it is a good lesson on how not to be a bad Taurus. I have found my stubbornness to be useful in some ways. Kate, I hope the article entertains you more than hurts you. Each sign has its dark side.

    Careers For The Zodiac Signs

    I know it's only a religious following but even the most loved like mother theresa most likely had enemies. I am sorry if you are seriously hurt by what is intended to be an entertaining list of a sign's "worst traits". You only need to allow them into your month. The Taurus personality will have to be subjected to change to accept the fact that no man is an island. He or she should be able to accept the help of other people to make it in life. You will have to learn how to cope with others and not to hurt their feelings in any way possible.

    Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. Love for you this month will be complex and complicated as predicted by the astrology predictions. This state of affairs will cause strife in your relationship with your partner or spouse. But as the month progresses there is a glimmer of hope that harmony and intense love may be restored into the relationships.

    Taurus pregnancy will be considered but only after the month ends. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Family members will be ready to assist you with whatever you need as foretold by the September predictions.