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Tips for amateurs and amateurs of pleasure! Of course, personal is important. In general, you can have communication blocks, obstacles on the road. Exams, raw existential proof. Watch out for health, do not neglect this.

How does quadrature look with your native sun in the general horoscope, not in person, it's good to keep an eye on your mother's and father's career and health. Good luck that spring is coming and all the air signs will come out, fly freely and unhampered. We can not cut our wings! Some may laugh. Adultery will be decrypted and devastated. Because karma can entertain you, it is good to know that sins are paid for a wrongly chosen career and marriage arranged see the case of an ASE teacher with a priest in Bucharest.

How is his priestess accepting such a man? Is this a compromise?

History Ancient kingdoms that existe This is a list of cricket grounds in India that have been used for first-class, List A and Twenty20 cricket games. India has 49 international cricket venues,[1] the most in any country - 26 more than the next most: International cricket Domestic cricket grounds Grounds listed in bold have hosted at least one international cricket match.


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For grounds listed in italics, the name and exact location used for is unknown. For grounds that share the same name, the city the ground is in is listed in brackets to avoid confusion. Kankrej thana or Kankrej Estates was a former collection of native states in what is now part of Banaskantha district of Gujarat, India. Description The thana was divided between 34 talukdars, or petty estate holders.

The most important of these were Thara, Khamboi and Un. Most of the estates were small, often covering not even a single village, but parts of several villages shared with others. There were numerous bhayats land alienated to junior branches of these petty chiefs, but the lands were not actually surveyed and divided; they simply occupied as much as land as they could cultivate. Primogeniture was not observed in any of the estates of Kankrej Thana; rather, giras were divided up in equal shares among all sons.

History Kankrej contained twenty-six distinct estates, held by Koli Thakardas, most of them Rajputs, who have intermarried with Kolis. Among them some families are Solankis, some Chohans, some Vaghelas, and some Parmars. I contributed pieces for Post Platform, a column at The Kathmandu Post, where you can write short musings. I would also translate my stories into English and Akhilesh Tripathi, then editor of Ekantipur would publish it. So, these were places where I tried my hand at writing in English.

How did it help in your writing and career-wise? Did you have any mentor or colleague who helped you develop your skills? How different you found the newspaper compared to national dailies of Nepal then?

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For that, I am grateful to Ghanashyam Ojha then with The Kathmandu Post , who supported my application and boosted my morale saying that a journalist writing in Nepali too can apply and win the prestigious fellowship. Ten fellows from nine different countries across the globe gathered in Washington DC where we attended a week-long boot-camp where we were trained on the basics of American journalism. Then, all of us were sent to our respective newsrooms.

I was posted to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. It was April and I was badly missing Constituent Assembly elections at home. I tried to kill my homesickness by writing a piece on the CA elections. He has reported from China and visited India, Bangladesh and knows the region very well. He was of immense help. My next story at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette was on Bhutanese refugees who had just been resettled in the city. Through Nepali community, I tracked them down and wrote the story, which was well received both in Pittsburgh and in Nepal.

In the summer of , we gathered in Florida. The week-long training at the Poynter Institute, which in the US, is considered a premier institute for journalists, both new and old, proved to be an eye-opener. In New York, I met some wonderful people: These ties have proved to be lasting for me.

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Well, there is a vast difference between the national dailies in Nepal and in the US. Although Pittsburgh Post-Gazette covered mostly the city with about three hundred thousand population, its circulation reached one hundred and fifty thousand on Sunday. Even though the newspaper circulation is in decline in the US, locals still read it religiously.

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I think that US market is saturated with too many newspapers. Even small towns, say like Damak in Nepal, have several daily newspapers. Many of the Post-Gazette staffers were laid off and bought out during my stay there and were worried both about their future and that of the paper they so dearly loved. Is your style called Narrative writing? My contribution to these foreign outlets began after I acquired a degree of confidence in writing in English for the Post-Gazette. I contributed my first piece the Guardian Weekly in from Pittsburgh, where I profiled a Bhutanese refugee.

Back from Nepal, I contributed a piece on a middle-aged man whose son had been disappeared during the Maoist insurgency.

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Then in , I got a chance to write for Time magazine. I pitched half a dozen story ideas and she gave me a go-ahead for a feature on Somali refugees stuck in Nepal. The story was published in Time. For long, I had been looking for such a break and I continued to expand my repertoire. I pitched to outlets that were interested in stories from Nepal. To work as a freelance reporter, you have to have a good rapport with the editors first you need to find their email addresses.

Then, you send a bunch of ideas and start working on it after their approval. As usual, reporting is the key. But more important is the perspective. You have to keep in mind that you are writing for an international audience. So, the challenge is to both incorporate basic information such as where Nepal is located and bringing in the nuances and different shades of the topic you are dealing with. After submission, the editor edits your piece and sends with what in journalistic parlance is called C-and-C comments and corrections.

But not all of my writing can be characterized as such.

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I also write short news pieces, personal essays, and features. You also worked for Kantipur Daily and Hello Shukrabar from —both Nepali papers—and then joined Agence France-Presse in ; what made you interested in narrative writing and how different it is from other forms of writing? Your experience in working with AFP. I was given a copy of a New Yorker at our orientation in the beginning of our fellowship in the US. I read through New Yorker and was immediately captivated by it. Then, I began to explore the form.


I was at the right place if not the right time. My exploration took me to all sorts of publications that used narrative non-fiction as the preferred mode of storytelling.

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  • The narrative writing, also called long-form, is a mode of fact-based storytelling that borrows elements of fiction. So, you have plots, characters, setting etc. The cardinal rule is that everything should be based on reporting, the writer should not deviate from the fact. Back to your question: My employer, Kantipur Publication, had split, paving the way for the launch of a rival daily, Nagarik.

    So, I was offered the job at Kantipur daily, where I oversaw Koseli, a weekend supplement, and the Art and Style section. My responsibilities kept changing and after a year, I was tasked with launching a youth supplement called Hello Shukrabar. In it, I wrote restaurant reviews for nearly a year.